Meet the Plaintiffs


Jackie & Lauren

Jackie and Lauren Brettner have been in a committed relationship since 2011. Jackie works as an attorney in a New Orleans law firm. Lauren is a pediatric nurse at a New Orleans hospital. Jackie and Lauren married on Valentine’s Day 2012, having obtained a marriage license and celebrated their marriage in New York, where same-sex marriages are valid. Read More >>

Henry & Carey

Henry Lambert and Carey Bond met in 1972 and have been in a committed relationship since 1974. Henry and Carey co-own a real estate development firm that has renovated or constructed apartment buildings, condominiums, and hotels throughout greater New Orleans. Carey is a licensed contractor and the projects that he has supervised have received numerous awards for historic preservation. Read More >>

Nick & Andrew

Andrew Bond and Dr. Nick Van Sickels have been in a committed relationship since 2003 and were married in 2012. Nick is a physician at a New Orleans hospital and works at a clinic in Alexandria. Andrew teaches history at a New Orleans high school. Read More >>

Havard & Sergio

Havard Scott  is a Shreveport attorney. He formerly worked as a partner at a large New Orleans-based law firm. Sergio March Prieto, a citizen of Spain and a US permanent resident, is a singer and actor who has appeared in movies filmed in Shreveport, Spain, and various other places – even cruise liners! Read More>>